Dear Partners, 

Yesterday we received the first pictures of the 'Beit Assaf' - a permanent home built in Mitzpe Ilan for the pre-military leadership academy for students at risk. This is fulfilling and closing a circle of Rona's dream, in a year during which we faced difficulties and grew despite them.

2020 included complex challenges alongside growth, fulfillment and educational accomplishments. The employees of the Ramon Foundation have filled the uncertainty in Corona - with significant educational action.
 100% of the activities of the foundation have adapted to online teaching models with innovative teaching methods. The Corona Virus has challenged us to upgrade professional content - which has increased the demand for our educational programs. Not only was no child in the programs left behind, but we were also able to reach out to additional communities, schools, families and children.

In November, we announced the second Israeli mission to space. This will be the first time in history that a nonprofit will lead a mission of this kind. Eitan's mission will create dozens and even hundreds of educational projects and will touch every home in Israel. Furthermore, we hope that the mission will expand the Israeli space industry - and thus continue the legacy of the late Ilan Ramon.

Thank you all for your support, and we will be happy if you choose to continue supporting us along the way so that our educational programs reach more children and communities in Israel.

Ran Livne,
Director general 
The Ramon Foundation



The Ramon Foundation

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Why we do what we do:

Omer Azran- Graduate of Ramon Award

Ramon Award for me is, not to sleep from excitement before every meeting, to meet 14 friends who are just like me but also so different from me, to hear the most amazing lecturers that Israel and the world has to offer, to visit beautiful and to hear the most inspiring stories. And most of all – to strive to be an outstanding, entrepreneur, valued, and groundbreaking person.


From the first moment, I realized that I was part of a unique group. Each member of the group has a tremendous desire and passion to contribute to society, each in his own unique way. As individuals - we came from different backgrounds, but as a group we managed to learn together, teach each other and create new friendships despite the geographical distance, friendships that proved it selves even in difficult days like the days of the Coronavirus.


The program's meetings were divided into different topics, most of which I had no affiliation with in the past, such as economics, communication, philosophy. During the meetings, we met exceptional figures in Israeli society, who exceeded and excelled in their field. Every one of the lecturers was for a piece of the puzzle that built up the picture of Israeli society. It has opened a door for me to many and various fields that contributed tools to my toolbox.


The program has helped me broaden both my educational and social horizons. At the end of each day, I felt like I had gained practical tools for the future, theoretical knowledge, alongside friendships for life. Today, I take part of the alumni group of the program that continues to stay in touch and meet in interesting and content-filled encounters that I probably would not have met anywhere else.  

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